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Default Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 - DAW and Transports Problem

On this Keyboard there is a DAW Commands and Transport Section.

On the Arturia Website it says one should set Mackie Control Universal in MIDI Control Center and then go to Reaper/Preferences/Control Surfaces and Add MCU wich MIDIIN2 and MIDIOUT2 by Arturia.
When I do this, Reaper fails to recognise the ins and outs. This is a problem. It means I can't use Transport and DAW Controls on this Keyboard.

Help is greatly appreciated. But please read exactly. I hate repeating myself and it feels like getting trolled.
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Maybe you'd better ask this in the "Control Surfaces" subforum.

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Default SOLVED but not quite understood yet. Also wrong forum...

Ok I made progress today. Reaper gave me a false error when opening inputs and outputs, so I undid the preferences before trying them. Had I just restarted reaper, it would have worked. So it works now. I literally had had to restart reaper to make the changes work.

This tells us one or two things: Reaper prompted the errors wrongfully. Not as bad as not functioning. In fact I'm glad it works. Also it says in the Control Surface section that the changes are applied immediately. This should be ignored. But hey, now that it works, I'm fine. It's just not making it easier for first timers like me. Maybe somebody could look into it fin the next version update. That would be great.

And if anyone has questions and I know there are a lot of newbs who don't get along with the device and the controls: Let's team up and talk.

Also someone might put this thread in the right forum, thanks.
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