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Default What's Your Favorite Altiverb IRs?

So what's your favorite Altiverb IRs for vocals, concert halls (like solo piano, orchestra) drums, guitars etc.

I'm just getting into Altiverb 6 and have over 3 gigs of impulses so it would be cool to see who's using "what for what" so to speak



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hmm yea, that's exactly why i never got into convolution reverbs. there are only a handful of reverb types though and if you know the difference, shouldn't have to put too much consideration in. beyond that, maybe you'd want a special convolution of a certain type of room or something.

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yea sorry, that's not what you asked for but even though i love reverb, i dont give it much thought. i just narrow down what atmosphere i want, try some presets at random, mess with knobs and forget it. but if i make a bad choice on a bussed reverb it can be a pain to change later since it's been influencing all my mixing decisions...
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The stereo Bricasti IR's (Not from AudioEase) are pretty close to the real thing and there is one in the AudioEase like Dark Horse Drum Room or something that I always really liked on drums as long as I took some of the bass frequencies out of it. Most of them I used were studios honestly until I got the UAD Ocean Way plugin and a real Bricasti so now I don't even use Altiverb that much now. Taking 2 years to put out Altiverb 7 on Windows pretty much ended my happiness with Audioease.
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