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Default Static noise (sometimes)

OK. Using Reaperx64 with Samsung i7 laptop win7x64 with 8g memory and MOTU Ultralite MK3 hybrid interface. Playing tracks for stage duo. 9 times out of 10, load a song, hit play, all is good... but that other time as soon as I hit play... static noise. If I close song and reaload the same song, no problems. Not any one particular song, not same number of songs between freakouts, can't seem to duplicate problem... just random. Very uncomfortable on stage to wonder if the song you just loaded will play correctly or not. Have two computers (same model) and 2 interfaces (same model). Happens differently on each computer. Might even go a whole gig with no screw-ups. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks.
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This can happen if you are using certain plug-ins in demo mode - they give a burst of static every now and then until you purchase
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something like that happens to me if i use 96k for sample rate. sometimes i hit play and it's just a cacophony of robots eating shit. worst part is it won't stop right away if i hit stop. only in 96 though. i think it's some kind of buffering issue. you could try playing around with those settings in the prefs.

if you cant sort it, you could try using a sample player to trigger prerendered tracks. use a lot of plugins?
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