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Default 1 PC, 2 Programs, 2 Audio Interfaces, 2 Asio drivers, stable?

Hey everyone,

I've been experimenting with combining all my gear into one cohesive live rig. And trying some software outside the reaper realm

I'm using Cantabile to run some VSTi's and live audio processing alongside my Traktor DJ software

Cantabile is Using my RME Babyface pro & it's Asio Driver
Taking audio input from the RME, processing in Canta, Outputting to RME

Traktor using my Traktor S4's integrated audio interface and Asio driver
No live inputs, Just playing tracks/samples off my SSD, to the S4 outputs

I've only been playing with it for a few minutes, but to my surprise, it seems stable. Both programs are showing their respective Devices and Drivers, with no hitch in audio.

I was under the impression you could only run 1 audio device/driver at a time on any given machine?

Maybe I missinterpreted that from, 'You can only run audio device in one DAW at a time (Asio4all and Apple's Aggregate Device trickery aside)'

Basically my question is
Am I asking for trouble, operating like this?
Is running 2 devices and 2 devices in parralel, precarious?

Note I'm not worried about routing one's audio to the other. Nor Connecting the 2 Audio Interfaces Internally/Externally.

The idea is to utilize the total 8 analogue outputs across my 2 Audio Interfaces, running to FOH for a live show

They are both fulfilling seperate tasks in a live show. I'l consider MIDI Clock syncing them together at some stage, if this proves stable

Any thoughts?
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Originally Posted by sambia1 View Post
I was under the impression you could only run 1 audio device/driver at a time on any given machine?
Make an aggregate device with your OS utility to combine devices (Audio MIDI Setup in OSX, ASIO or ASIO4ALL in Windows). Select the aggregate device in Reaper instead of the individual device. That's the SOP. The aggregate device is now your "one audio device".

Lots of posts about it on the forum. Some interfaces don't cooperate. Many/most do. Sometimes it's fiddly. I do low latency live sound work with multiple interfaces in aggregate. No stability issues whatsoever unless you have a misbehaving ringer for a device.
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Babyface is multi-client ASIO capable meaning that you can assign its ins and outs even among several different audio applications as long as you do not assign the same in/out to more than one application. There sure is no problem at all in letting just one application use the Babyface.

Unfortunately, not all audio interfaces are multi-client ASIO capable.
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