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Default Anyone using Virus TI as effects processor?


I'm trying to set up the ti as an effects processor.

I have got to the point where I can get audio in via the USB connection, but I also have a dry signal coming through too, which I can't track down. It is definitely inside the plugin, because if I disable the output pins, all signal disappears.

The setup is as follows:

Input mode static LR
Routing config 3 out 1 in
Send audio coming in from another track to inputs 3/4 on the ti track
ti patch output USB 1/2

The audio is being patched through the filter section, so the input is definitely working, but if I set a lowpass to 0 to remove the effected signal, there is a dry signal present which is a few samples out of phase with the effected signal.

Has anyone managed to get this working? I can only find videos for ableton and cubase. The cubase one doesn't use the usb input, and the ableton one seems to route the signal directly into 1/2 of the ti track, which seemed to pass directly to the output when I tried it.
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Honestly, no clue here .... BUT .... looong time PluginGuru fanboy, and seldom miss his weekly (Saturday) Livestreams. In particular, his last was Oct 5, and you can quickly sort whether UNIFY is of interest. John Lehmkuhl has extensive background with Korg, Spectrasonics, other name producers.

Very close to release of his 'UNIFY'product release. Price will be apprx $60.


Wondering if this will offer a very powerful tool to do what you seek ??

Apologies if waaaay offbase ...
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I figured it out.

I had accidentally enabled input on part 5, so I was running the input into the synth twice...

Anyway, if anyone stumbles on this thread later, the first post explains how to get it working accurately. Just make sure only one part has the input enabled.
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