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Default Help! Reaper Freezes when Saving Project (Slow Saves)

In Reaper 6.15 & 6.16 When saving the project (or autosaving) the project freezes for 10 seconds of seconds and becomes unresponsive If I am running 5+ instances of any virtual instrument (Play, Kontakt etc.). This prevents me to have an autosave on. Could you please help me figure out what is happening? Have you got ideas for tests that I can perform?

You can see the problem here:

In my projects I tend to have from 10 to 60 instances of Virtual Instruments and when I worked in Logic and 2012 macbook, I never had issues.
I have NVMe SSD for Libraries + SATA SSD for the System & Plugins, 64 Gigs of Ram, AMD Ryzen 3950x 3.5 GHz (16 Core, 3.5 GHz base clock, 72 MB total cache).
I am running 64x versions of Kontakt.

Things that I tried/ruled out:
- The issue happens both on a project that is 70MB and 2MB so the size seems to not matter.
- It's not a case of corrupted project or an unreasonable high number of virtual instruments, because I performed tests on a fresh project with only 5+ Virtual Instruments Instances and I encountered the same problem.
- The problem goes away if I tick 'disable saving full plugin state' in preferences in plugin compatibility section, but is not really a solution as none of my libraries load if I re open the project. Saving minimal 'undo states' per plugin does not solve the problem.
- I switched of saving undo states in preferences - no difference.
- I do not save undo states within Kontakt aap.
- I switched off saving undo history - no difference.
- I performed RAM Diagnostics - everything fine.
- Performed SSD speed tests - I didn't get any abnormal results.
- Disabled Auto Protect, Disabled Firewall on Norton Antivirus (This is essentially switching it off, right?)

Have you encountered a problem like this? Have you got any suggestions what might be causing the problem and what tests I can perform to figure it out?

I would really appreciate some suggestions.


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I've also experienced this issue when I'm using Kontakt. Which is basically in every project. I've posted about this before as a bug but haven't had any acknowledgement from the Reaper team yet, despite many other users noticing the same issue. I'm hoping that more posts like this will lead to a fix (or at least some kind of workaround).

Here is my post that I was updating for a while: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=2347304
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