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Default Problem with Recording MT-ProDrum Kit2

Downloaded - OK
Went to the samples and dragged and dropped into several tracks - OK

NOT OK - Tested JUST using drum kit and Recording by just using my mouse on the kick drum repeatedly, triggered record and continued to use mouse on kick drum..and other parts of the drum set.

BUT IT DOES NOT REGISTER/RECORD ON the track. Only the drag and drop method of the pre-records in the package actually show up in the track and play.

What am I doing wrong? I've spent an entire evening/hours searching and thinking...so now I'm reaching out for a fellow forum Reaper to tell me what am I doing Wrong?

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If you want to record realtime you need to use some sort of a MIDI controller - in plugins like those the animated instrument you can click on is usually just for auditioning sounds, it doesn't output MIDI data.

If you don't have an external MIDI controller you can use Reaper's built in virtual MIDI keyboard (alt+B opens it, you also need to configure MIDI input to "virtual MIDI keyboard" on your MTP track).
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Default MT ProDrumer2

Thank you very much for your response and your answer to the problem I was having.

I followed your direction and it worked immediately.

Thank you from one person with feeling to another person with feeling.

Again, thank you
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I create a new midi track and draw in the 'hits' by hand (set the note shapes to diamonds...). There are a few youtube vids on this, including one from Reaper Blog. You can also load a 'note names' list that allows you to see the drum names on the left side of the midi editor.

Here's one from Kenny G to get you started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q5Zi-PLWQk

Somewhere on there is one that shows how to route all the drums out to about 6 tracks, giving you more control over the sound of the snare, toms, crashes, rides and so on, as well as setting up a drum crush You save it all as a track template, and then can insert the whole deal into any new project.
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