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Default vst2 VS vst3 in reaper

yoyoyoy whatsup
did somebody checked scientifically
whether vst3 saves cpu and so on
as those marketing people say
for example, for now, I try to use only vst2.
when there's vst2 and vst3 plugins in a project
i get a bug when plugins load in offline mode for ever.
but whatever
the question is are vst3 more rational to use?
also I think they are not so stable as vst2
also I understand that one tiny buggy plugin can spoil everything
maybe someone did check and compare?
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I can only cite from personal experience, but I have no issues of stability with VST3...I use VST3 as my first choice and resort to VST2 only when a 3 is not available...

I have seen some CPU usage drops when comparing VST2 to VST3 but it's not a substantial savings, more like a few percentage points...I'm running an 8 core/16 thread AMD Ryzen 2-2700, so CPU use really isn't a concern for me...

As always, your mileage may vary...
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I have never seen any benefit ftom VST3, but ran into a lot of them that simply don't work. I consider VST3 an answer to a question that no one asked.
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