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Default Is this possible via MIDI?

Hi all,

I need some serious help. Not sure if this is even possible.

I have a Korg Kronos 2 and what I'd like to do is use MIDI in reaper to trigger it's sounds the same way I do using VSTs. For example, I'd like to dial up a patch on the Korg with a specific sound that I like, and then be able to write a MIDI track in Reaper, and have that MIDI track play the sounds from the Korg back into Reaper so that I can record it. I also have an M-Audio Keystation61MK3 hooked up to my Mac which is what I normally use to trigger VSTs or write MIDI tracks.

The point behind all of this is that I'm not able to play some of the things I want to play live (I'm primarily a guitarist). So I'd like to just program it like a VST.

How would I set this up (aside from connecting my Korg to my Mac via USB)? I'm EXTREMELY new to MIDI, so instructions as detailed as possible would be extremely appreciated.

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Do you just want to fire up a sequence of pre-recorded Midi notes via Reaper to send those to the Kronos (i.e- reaper is not involved in the Audio stream) ?
In want way do you want to tell reaper to start the Midi sequence in a live situation ?

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Based on what I think you're trying to ask, you would need an audio interface.

For example - I could record a drum beat using my roland V drums through midi

Then i could fix up the midi/timing

then send midi out from the track back into my drumset.

Then if I wanted to record the sound of my vdrums into reaper - I'd take the main outs and run 2 1/4" cables(left and right) into my interface.

If you want to capture a kronos patch, you'll need to capture the audio. In order to send midi back into the kronos - you need to set up a midi hardware output. To do this, make sure your midi out device is enabled in your preferences - then on a track you want to play back into your kronos - you'll have to click the I/O button, and under midi hardware out - you can select your midi device from the drop down list.

again, you would still have to record the audio(using audio cables, not midi) from the kronos, you would simply be setting up an audio track to record, soloing the midi track - then hitting record and walking away while it plays it back + records the audio.
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This will help :-)

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Thank you guys! Between your responses and the video, I think I have an idea of what I need to do to get this set up. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks again!
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