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Default OSC with marker names

quite a while back I was using OSC app on a tablet with reaper running a large timeline with many stereo wave files across one track and markers for each file. then with the OSC app i had lots of buttons which would read the names of each marker from reaper timeline to use as the button names and then when I selected one of the buttons it would jump to the marker positon in reaper so I could then hit play and it acted like a playlist / remote control.. it was working pretty well this was back on reaper 4 sometime..

Anyhow I have just tried to revisit this with the latest release and now when I use the /marker/@/name command instead of reading the marker name from the timeline into the tablet it overwrites the marker name in reaper to the word "on" which represents the state of the command from the tablet..

Has this feature changed from being a read to a write command somewhere along the track ? if so how do I now read the marker names off the timeline to be displayed back in the tablet ? looking at the latest default osc file it seems the only references to marker names I can see is the same command I have already been using ?
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