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I asked Roli support and got this answer:
Originally Posted by ROLI supprot
The Glide dimension of touch allows for smooth legato playing through intelligent Glide tracking and the ability to have different notes occurring on separate MIDI notes. You can find more information on using the Seaboard RISE & GRAND with SWAM Engine here.
They provided these links:
dimension of touch -> https://support.roli.com/support/sol...t-is-5d-touch-
ROLI & SWAM -> You can find more information on using the Seaboard RISE & GRAND with SWAM Engine here.

Seemingly the Seaboard in fact does use a player's intention detecting algorithm called"intelligent Glide tracking". I guess a gesture such as a short glide in the appropriate direction followed by a key hit same pointed to and not too far might be used to detect a non-portamento legato (even tough the link below simply states: "Glide is transmitted as MIDI pitch bend" , which is not "intelligent" at all).
I'll investigate ....

I also asked about how to remote control the Seaboard parameters via Midi, but no answer yet,


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