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Default EQ on "soundcard" before Reaper Yes/No/Maby? :)


So, I am getting used to my new monitors and when i listen to music in general on them, i boost the 60hz little bit and lower the 30hz the same amount of 'notches' and i am happy with that, most music sounds great and clear, only that tiny uncomplicated boost is necessary and i am a happy camper.
The monitors are the Yamaha HS7 and i don't have the sub for them yet btw.
Also i wanna have the same feel of the bas that i am getting used to when listening on them with music i general, thats why i keep it on the same when Reapering.

So to my question.

Is pre-EQ'ing a bad thing in general maby in techical terms, 'pro' terms, scientific terms?
So, using your EQ on the soundcard or other gear before Reaper to boost the bas a tad, is it bad?

Of course i will mix/master in Reaper like everyone else after that.
I am happy as is with the results and all that now but, it would not supprice me if this is "wrong" and i can get even better with another strategy?
Something like that, thoughts?

Ps. Wish HS7 had a knob for bas on the back..
So, is anyone here using any kind of bas booster, recommendations?

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