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I wasn't going to make a new thread for this, because I'm shy like that, but figured "what the hell"... guess I'm feeling brave today.

This is my first venture into WALTER territory. I really liked REABORN but found it unusable on my smaller portable rig, so I made the interface a bit smaller/tighter/simpler with some special things like a shrink-able transport and always-visible-and-aligned metering and volume controls on the tcp.

See the collapsing transport bar in action here


Meters are -60 to +3, volume knobs are default to +24.... yeah, I'm weird like that, so sue me :P

As always, feel free to modify and use as you see fit. I might do an extra layout or two if asked nicely
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Nice work!
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Very nice. As a laptop only user I love these economizing themes.
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I like it. Clean and easy on eyes. Transport bar collapsing is awesome. Great work!
With narrower tracks in MCP layouts and feature "Show/Hide Children" in mixer it can be one of best themes for laptops.
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love your work Youn. Look forward to an entirely original theme when you have time!
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Thanks Youn!!
i love the theme!

For me its very important to have a theme that makes it possible to change the volume even at very low TCP...

Apollo4 is perfect at that as well.
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Man that collapsing transport bar is pure magic!

I LOVE IT! (the theme I mean!)

thanks YOUN!
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very kewl theme!

super good ideas for people with small screens...

IF you do consider adding more layouts, I'd point out a few minor thoughts:

I've run into this in my own theme work as well... because I like to use one screen set where the Master is floating in it's own window to the left of the TCP and also to have the mixer docked to the left of the TCP tracks as a 'track inspector'...

Now when doing that, AND using a separator between tracks, the narrowness of the mixer separator messes up the 'track inspector' view because it is only half as wide as the normal mixer track.

In other words, what you see when a separator is selected is half the MCP of the track above it...

To work around this in my own theme, I had to make two different layouts for both the tcp and mcp separators. One is narrow like you have and one is normal width in the mcp layout. You see?

When I use the floating mixer in a different screen set, I want to see all the separators narrow... when I use then in the screen set that shows the 'track inspector' I want them all to be as wide as a normal MCP width.

I do this via two custom actions and a little trick.
I name the separators with the * character. Then use the SWS console to select all tracks with that name and then change them to whichever layout I want in each screen set. Making any sense to you? Of course the layout changes could be done manually as well IF the layouts exist.

I really wish there was a 'layout' option that would change both TCP and MCP at once... but it don't exist in WALTER and Reaper ...well not yet anyway.

Thanks again for you great work... that transport is pure magic!

I do hope you will add more layouts and grow this theme when you have time.
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Thanks Youn, I just started using Reaper and running it on a laptop. I dig this theme much better. Thanks again and as in other responses looking forward to any more laptop themes you may have in the future....Steve
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