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Default iPad to DAW Connection using Studiomux

iPad to DAW Connection using Studiomux: (I use Windows 10 64Bit so the following overview is for Windows)

Besides installing the Studiomux App on the iPad you also need to download a program for the computer. They call it a Server and it is used to allow communication between the iPad Studiomux App and your PC. See installation instructions via Studiomux Manual: http://www.midimux.com/downloads/StudiomuxManual.pdf

Download the Studiomux Server for Windows 32Bit or 64Bit here: (scroll down on the web page to find the download) http://midimux.com/

Note: After installation; Under All Programs will be a new program for the server. The Studiomux folder has a strange name: “Zereodebug” So this will be located all the way at the end of the installed programs found under All Programs. When the program is running it will show up in your system tray and you will need to install either the 32Bit or 64Bit VST in the location where you keep them and where Reaper can find it. Right Click on the Studiomux Icon and select Install VST. The VST is used when you want to play Audio coming from the iPad otherwise the VST does not need to be active.

Using Studiomux: (the Studiomux manual mentions to prevent glitches use the following order)
1. Start the Studiomux Console/Server on your computer
2. Open the Audiobus iPad App (I’m using Audiobus2 - Audiobus3 is the newest version)
3. Select the Audiobus Input button and select the iPad App you wish to use as a MIDI Controller for your Computer DAW
(a few examples of iPad Apps I’ve successfully tried: Chordion, Patterning & Fugue Machine)
4. Still in Audiobus, Tap on the Input App to Open it (Tap it 2 times – once to Activate and once to Launch)
5. Search the Input App Settings for MIDI Out Information and activate the MIDI OUT option
6. Still in the Input App, select the option to go back to Audiobus
7. In Audiobus select the Output Button option to be Studiomux
8. Still in Audiobus, select Studiomux to open the app (Tap it 2 times – once to Activate and once to Launch)
9. In Studiomux select the name of the MIDI Output you have selected for the Input App (experiment by selecting both Source & Destination) I’m not too clear on this detail but it works for me. I also do not understand the Add MIDI Port option yet.
10. Connect a Lighting to USB cable (camera connection Kit – cck) from the iPad to the computer.
11. Open Reaper
12. Go to Options/Preferences/MIDI Devices and Enable both the Input & Output for the MIDI output selected in Studiomux
13. Start a new Reaper Track and select the MIDI Input you just Enabled to be the Input for the track
14. Add an FX Sound to the Track. (example; add a VST like Kontakt5 and select a sound inside of Kontakt)
15. Make sure the VST Box in the upper Left Corner is checked for the VST to be active.
16. Find the setting for the FX sound selected that will insure it is receiving MIDI from the proper Channel or select Omni
17. Make sure the Track is armed
18. Back to the iPad; We left off in Studiomux so go from Studiomux back to the Input App and play the app as a Midi Controller.

Audio Setup: If you prefer to use the iPad Input Audio instead of MIDI; add the Studiomux VST to the track then double click on the VST and select the name of the Input App in the Channel to Receive from box.

Note: Some iPad Apps may only work for Audio. I have one App called Oval Drum that is very nice and it does have MIDI Out but I cannot figure out how to use it as a MIDI controller however the app works perfect for sending Audio from the App to Reaper. The Oval drum App is free and I recommend it. This company makes a very cool and expensive Hang Drum type digital instrument that I’m sure many will want to know about. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/oval...113634392?mt=8 Also: http://ovalsound.com/oval/

I see that another App called TouchOSC can also provide a MIDI connection from the iPad using WiFi. This App requires you to also download a program to the computer they call a Bridge. https://hexler.net/software/touchosc#downloads I plan on staying with Studiomux but TouchOSC would be worth looking into.

I’m just starting to figure this out but I thought this walkthrough may get others into this and maybe they will add to the conversation.

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Thanks for this Kokopelli!
Helped in me trouble shooting my setup which now works BUT... DAT LATENCY.... .....

It's like 1/2 a second before anything you hit via MIDI makes it to the iPad and I have a brand new 2018 9.7" one.... eek... Have you had this issue? I'm going from external controller through Reaper to the iPad and yea... not going to be able to use this unless it's step editing and figuring out how far back to time slip the MIDI track - Yuk :/
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I wish I could help but I haven't been using my iPad for music for a few years now but I may try again at some point. Maybe someone will have some suggestions. The latency issue was not an issue for my limited experiments.

Good Luck!
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Hi. Any chance someone can update this using Audiobus3? Thanks.
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