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Default Reatune: does algorithm choice apply to all modes, or just 1?

Reatune can seemingly use several different algorithms.
If I look under the "Correction" tab in the plugin GUI, I can choose from several different algorithms and settings.

But this setting is only visibly available under the "Correction" tab, while Reatune offers several different autotuning approaches, partly differentiated by the three tabs.

My question is, does my choice of algorithm get applied to which ever autotuning method I choose in Reatune? (like automatic, manual or tuner mode first tab).
Or does the algorithm choice only apply to the automatic autotuning mode, which is enabled/disabled on the same tab (correction)?


PS. oh, if anyone would care for a quick mentioning of what Window size" and "Overlap" parameters does in Reatune, I'd be grateful. DS
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