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Default ui dimension help please

I know, or so I think that the icons are limited to 16 x 16... right?

But is there a place to go and gather the dimensions for the various elements of the ui?

I would like to try my had at some themes and icons sets, but I can't find the pertinent information.

thanks in advance,

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Default dimensions sorta

Hey there, It seems the FX on/off icon is only 12 wide(16 high)on the horizontal strip, and 16x12 on the vertical strip. you can make it 16X16, but those outer edges won't change from the first state the button is on... or off.

And faders seem to take bmp's 12x23 up to 14x26 - if yer too big or too small you'll get a black siouette edge (too small) or no fader at all if it's too big.

All the rest are 16 by 16 as far as I know.

hope this helps
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