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Default ReaEQ all messed up... Can't figure out why.

After saving my project(s) each time, once I re-open the files, all the bands on the ReaEQ are completely messed up (affecting the sound each time). In this case, for example, they appear squashed all the way to the left of the display screen: (http://puu.sh/pbQFw/498584b835.png)

Also, I used to have the 11 band preset on the EQ on that image, but each time they reset back to four.

This happens on every track, even when completely rearranging the EQs back and saving each time. On each track it varies a bit, some bands are reset to a previous arrangement, some are displaced on the x axis a bit towards the left, some are displaced a LOT towards the left, like the case of the pic above.

I'm kinda new at Reaper so I don't know how I screwed it up for such a thing to happen.

Please help me! D: D:
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First step would be to try doing a clean PORTABLE install. This is a check box option when you download reaper and do a new install.
The other option is to reset reaper to the factory settings but you WILL lose any customisation you may have made, whether deliberately or (as seems likely here) by accident.
Welcome to the forums and dont forget to download the free user manual if you havent already.
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Have you tried resetting the FX in question, there is a reset to default option
at the bottom of the fx properties window, unless you have the box too small to
see it, the box will stretch like any other window.
Also look under reaper preferences>comparability, and ensure you do not have
" Disable saving full plugin state " selected.
Also, did you set up any default project templates or fx chains, and are opening
your work as a new project each time, thus applying the settings, which then
messed up.

Regards, john
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