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Default FX browser misbehavior when docked

The original poster in this thread reported this behavior and then I was able to confirm it on 2 different computers with different REAPER OS versions (Windows 7 64-bit, and Linux Mint x86_64 using the appropriate native REAPER for Linux).

The FX browser doesn't work correctly for adding FX to tracks, if the FX browser is docked.

If you dock the FX browser before adding a track, the FX browser can't seem to recognize that you can add an effect to the track by double-clicking on it. The "OK" button to add the effect is greyed-out. Select a track (and/or item), select an effect, and the "OK" button remains greyed-out. If you then double-click on the effect, it still won't add it to the track. However if you drag an effect to the FX bin of the track (or input FX bin, or an item) it will add the effect where it's supposed to. After that though: if you double-click on an effect in the docked FX browser, it'll just add it to the last track/item you added an effect from the docked FX browser (irrespective of what track or item is selected). And the "OK" button remains greyed-out.

I can reproduce this behavior consistently.

This behavior is in x86_64 Linux and 64-bit Windows versions of Reaper (current 5.980 and going back to version 5.0 at least). I tried Windows 64-bit version 5.77 (Windows 64-bit) too since the person who reported this behavior said he thought this behavior was new since the June update, but it seems the behavior existed before then. I then tried version 5.0 after that, and the behavior is there too. So it's been around a while anyway.
Using REAPER for Linux

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