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Default Sample Tank and Amplitube

I have Sample Tank free and Amplitube on my computer. However, I have never been able to get them to work properly. I have loaded instruments from the drop-down list but I get no sound when I try to use it as a VST. Amplitube does nothing.

Are these meant to be VST or just playable instruments? And, is anyone using these with Reaper? If so, any advice?

Thanks for your help.

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Greg Savage
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working fine here.
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fred garvin
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Hi 2. I'll try to help, not an expert but I use those and remember getting them going, kinda lol.

Do you use other VSTs and VSTis successfully? If so, if you replace a working VST/i with ST or AT what happens?

If you load up ST and an instrument in it, can you hear the sound if you play the demo keyboard? If you can play the demo keyboard but can't play from an external source, you may be having trouble with your MIDI in or might not have assigned it correctly in ST or the channel. The "all channel" settings can be useful here for troubleshooting but can cause trouble later.

When you try to play AT, what are your meters doing? Do you get meter response on the channel and the master when you play your guitar? If you're not getting this, you won't be able to use the VST until you figure out why you're not getting signal through. Check your volumes: guitar, interface, Reaper channel and master, AT input and output gain and amp controls. And probably more I'm not thinking of lol.

Do you have the track armed (ready to record)? You don't need to be actually recording to hear the instruments but you do need to have them armed.

Do you have monitoring on? If you're getting meter response when you play, have the track armed, and still aren't hearing anything, you might not have monitoring on.

Basically, to use these or any VST/i, you need input (MIDI or signal), to an armed channel, that is routed to the master, with monitoring on, and gains (volumes) set appropriately. See manuals as appropriate if you need instructions re any of these items.

When you get it working, be sure to save a channel template, then in future you can just drop in a new working instance ready to go.

Good luck, have fun!
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Default Sample Tank and Amplitube

Thanks for the help.
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