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Default VST plugins suddenly disappeared...

Hi guys, I'm having an issue where certain plugins aren't showing up anymore. I only use 64bit vst and vst3's. I have cleared cache and rescanned as well as tried relisting the folders, changing the order of the folder list and still Reaper won't see the plugins. Whats strange is these plugins were fine and I was using them regularly. I don't understand why this would. My only thoughts were that maybe the latest update caused it?

Anyway i'm not sure what to do. I got clients waiting for mixes and I can't even load the sessions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm on Windows 10/64bit. Reaper 5.80
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Are they Waves plugins by any chance? If so see this thread

If not, then maybe the same method might work for what ever brand plugins you are using?
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This has happened to me. Around 1/3 of my vsts are gone including all my amp sims
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No they aren't all waves plugins. Its totally random. For instance one of the plugins that is missing is "Neutron Transient Shaper". All the other neutron plugins are there but not Transient Shaper. Doesn't make sense at all. I don't understand why Reaper would suddenly decide to not see certain plugins. I'm at a loss. Totally screwing with my week right now.
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You didn't happen to accidentally install the 32-bit version of Reaper when you meant to install the 64-bit version, did you?

If you do that, only the 32-bit VSTs will show up, so could result in the behaviour you are seeing (depending on whether you have a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit VSTs).
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Interesting you should mention this, because yesterday I noticed some of my VSTs were missing for the very first time. I was going to write a post about it!

They came back when I <copy> and <pasted> the .dll files. But that fix was not very satisfying - I prefer to know what is going on!

I did some research and found someone mentioning that Reaper can block some VSTs when they crash - I think there is a .ini file in the Resource section that hold some - code - in this regards that can be modified. I didn't follow this path to the end - did not modify the code - so I can't valide.

I also read somewhere that it is a good practice to have all 32 plugins in a separate folder than the 64. Then have Reaper scan 32 first then 64 - or the other way around - depending on the Reaper version (32 or 64).

I also read that it was best to NOT put VST plugins in the Reaper > Plugin folder. So I copied all of the non-reaper plugins into a new folder called MyPlugins. When I reloaded Reaper, I went to the preference setting and told it to scan this new folder.

Once all was done all the VSTs were back. But I already knew that would work because <copy> + <paste> worked.

Anyway. Very strange that this also just happened to me at the same time as you...

I hope we can shed light on these occurrences...
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Default Plugins disappear

Happend for the 1st time for me. A lot of plugins disappeared. I installed a new Waves plugin yesterday. Um wondering if this is a waves problem or if it has to do with reapers last update..
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Happen to me yesterday, could not find the exact cause but what i did was

1-remove all VST┤s folders from reaper, clear reaper cache and rescan. (no plugins found - correct);
2-use cCleaner to clean windows registry;
4-apply the VST folders again;
5- Clear and rescan reaper VST plugins;

Took a while but all came back to life.
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