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Default Display issue - sluggish playback line, etc.

Reaper v5.17
Windows 10
Acer Aspire E17
Scarlett Focusrite

Reaper has worked really well for me for years. But I have a problem that creeps up every once in a while lately. When it's happened before, re-booting seems to have gotten rid of it, but not this time.

The sound is fine. But, while I'm either playing back or recording, the playback line stops every 1.5-2 seconds, along with the clock/counter (although playback continues), and then catches up. This would be just a minor annoyance, but with it comes a bit of sluggishness when trying to move faders, or do edits: there's a slight delay between when I move the fader with my mouse and the visual representation on the screen. It's minor, but noticeable.

It happens when I've got nothing but Reaper running on the machine and even when I'm running a very low demand project (ie, just one stereo track with no effects). It happens if I'm using the Scarlett Focusrite or just the onboard soundcard.

Any thoughts on how I might get this sorted out?


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