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Default Zoom-out limit to a song duration

How to make zoom limit its range to a song duration?
there's an option in project settings "limit project lenght" that helps with it, but just a bit not enough
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I have 2 scripts that might be of interest. The actions and lua are attached.

Custom: Zoom Project
SWS: Show all tracks in TCP
Custom: Put All Envelopes Into Lanes
SWS: Save current track selection
Track: Select all tracks
Envelope: Show all envelopes for all tracks
SWS/BR: Apply next action to all visible envelopes in selected tracks
SWS/wol: Put selected envelope in media lane
SWS: Restore saved track selection
Track: Select all tracks
SWS: Set selected folder(s) uncollapsed
Track: Select all tracks
SWS: Set selected folder(s) uncollapsed
Item: Select all items
SWS: Zoom to selected items
Item: Unselect all items
View: Toggle track zoom to minimum height
Track: Unselect all tracks
SWS: Select master track
Xenakios/SWS: Scroll track view to home

Custom: Set Render Time Selection
Script: JB_select_click_track.lua
Item: Select all items in track
Time selection: Set time selection to items
Loop points: Set loop points to items
Transport: Go to start of project
Move edit cursor forward one measure
Move edit cursor forward one measure
Move edit cursor forward one measure
Time selection: Set start point
Loop points: Set start point
Item: Unselect all items
Attached Files
File Type: lua JB_select_click_track.lua (1.4 KB, 8 views)
File Type: reaperkeymap actions.ReaperKeyMap (514 Bytes, 9 views)
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I think setting project lenght limit is the only option but for example I foubd it not that good at all:

thing is you make 3 min song limit:
you change tempo to slower(in reaper grid is stretched), you have:
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