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Default Force dark mode on MOJAVE hack

Discovered you can force dark mode for non-native apps. If you type this into terminal:

'defaults write com.cockos.reaper NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance 0'

To change back replace the 0 with a 1.

Makes all tops of windows dark (which can't be done via themes), system messages (like save this project) and right-click menus.

There's a few bugs at the moment with the latest version of reaper.

Playhead doesn't display properly, seems to disappear intermittently. Not sure if this is just on my theme. That's a deal breaker for me, really want that to work in future.

Start up splash animation bugs out a little. Can swap in a custom image as a workaround (also seems to break PNG transparency)

The FX/plugin window looks bad and can't seem to change that via the theme. I expected it to follow the other windows colours. The FX window does seem to run on its own menu system. Also the wet/dry knob doesn't go dark.

Info from this post -
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