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Default "tcp_vu.png" vs "meter_strip_h.png" problem


I noticed when I switched from using "tcp_vu.png" to "meter_strip_h.png", the space between the left and right channels got its color replaced with the "VU meter interlace/edge color" defined in the Theme Editor window.

"meter_strip_h.png" is only 1 pixel tall per VU state, so there's no space reserved for the in-between color, as it is in "meter_strip_h.png".

Is there a theme element .png for the space between channels when using "meter_strip_h.png"? The "interlace" color is too light for a border, so I'd like to avoid that.

Edit: I found them. They're "meter_bg_h.png" and "meter_bg_v.png".

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