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Default heads up...impressed by ART warranty.

a heads up.
i have a tube mp mic pre here i use for mucking around.
more on it later on in post.
went on the fritz last week.
got it in 2005.
so took it into my pro audio shop not expecting much...
(as its 70 buks new.)
n they told me still warrantied.
so....i was impressed.

on a more general note i have built my own mic pre's for a long time for fun, but got the art mp originally for just another little gizmo in the arsenal. and to really find out for myself who was right...the people who are down on it or some folks who told me it was decent.
in particular i was intrigued by an example useing it done by a very capable senior AE who contradicted some of the negative reports.
call it bloody mindedness..lol...n the price was a no brainer.
heres a rough report on it.
1. no..its not a 2k mic pre..BUT..
2. if your willing to do some triks with it....
its good value for money imho.

its my opinion folks that are down on it....
are slamming it too much.
turning the input n output knobs up TOO MUCH.
and useing the BOOST 20 db too much.
what i do is use the MP for a "little boost"...
keeping the input and output knobs down a bit,
and then taking the output into a clean line mixer for added boost before sending to the sound card in the pc.

i also do some little eq'ing/conditioning of the track after recording.
in summary for such little money i feel noone can complain.
ive had good traks with it, and fooled some friends into thinking a much higher buk pre was used.
bottom line...its how one uses it properly.

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Default GREAT preamps

Yes, i have 2 of them, and i couldnt live a day without them. the tube mp preamps work flawlessly
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