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Default How to put buttons on tcp?

I saw a lot of guys doing that but just could'nt find it. Sorry if is in the manual but:
I'd like to control some parameters of my fx just on the tcp by turning a cute little button. Any tip? Thank you so much
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In Reaperspeak they are called track control knobs. There's several ways to create them.
- In the Envelopes dialog (click on the track's envelopes button) with a click on the "Ui" checkmark, the rightmost in each FX parameter row

- In the plugin's window by wiggling a parameter and then clicking on the button labeled "Param" at the top. There is an entry "Show in track control" for the last touched parameter.

- In the same "Param" menu you can also go via "FX parameter list" -> "Show in track control" to any registered parameter of the plugin.

You can also have them shown in the mixer, btw by enabling "Show FX parameter when size permits" in the mixer context menu (and have the mixer tall enough).
You can use the same MIDI Learn system Reaper uses for envelopes to control those knobs with hardware.
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Your answer couldn't be more complete than that. Thank you
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