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In my case, I switched from FL studio to Reaper because of x64 support.
Reaper fulfils my needs, the piano roll lets me do all the things I did with my previous DAW.
I bought the software, I had some hesitation in going back to FL studio just a month ago after 6 months of use, but now I know I'm not going back.
It's great!
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Originally Posted by larrygates View Post
I think the best thing to do would be to use Reason's step sequencer through rewire.
Or simply have a matrix step sequencer like unit in reaper, with a new item type named "pattern" that you can change in two clicks.
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By the way how to rewire FL and reaper , i still cannot find it?

I hope it can record well. Becuz i test N_track and rewire it but i got major lag in 1st start when hit rec. Got heavy .

thnx u
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By the way my friend said in ableton have resample mode like roland sampler 808, which mean wat ever Bpm in there it can be sync into the project without changes a pitch. But i still havent try ableton , and i dont know which one is more powerfull between reaper and ableton or maybe acid?

The power of to remix or mixing music song i mean. I believe reaper engine it have power.

Sometimes i listen some dj song which the loops and mix sound are not like using a normal DAW looper. I mean in normal loops and common DAW its very hard to editing a song with very variatif loop point but it sound like it so easy to hear. Sometimes that give me a question wat software those guyz use? or maybe i need another 3rd party VSt to do that and load at DAW host?

Well i found some resample Bpm auto in reaper but just got to half slow or half or twice speed faster . I dont know how to put Bpm code in jut cut loop wave without FL.

I have to adjust it 1st at FL for the BPM and then mixdown and then load it on reaper.

Which mean if i make my own loop in soundforges and then load it at reaper then the BPM and bar 4/4 are not match with the project.

It will be great if can be have a auto bpm match detected proses , so it mean i dont have to go to step into FL to get the Loop point BPM at wave.

Or maybe there is already that feature at reaper and i have to digging more hehehe

thnx u cheers.
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