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Default Making Acid House in Reaper

Hello everybody!

I'm pretty new to this. Basically I found out that Reaper has a lot of customisability and because there are a lot of very useful tutorials and apparently great compatibility with all kinds of plugins I thought to myself "60 days is a long time, might as well learn this in the time being".

Some months ago I had the opportunity to make some music with a friend, we just scrolled the preset library and recorded every idea that came to us, but unfortunately he uses another daw and secondly he has moved away now.

I kept thinking that I might make some templates for Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Techno beats and record midi instruments over it, but it seems this is not that easy in reaper. Nonetheless, I have the impression that Acid House was a good starting point for me, because I could use Megababy for a beat and also for a Bassline, I was also intenting to use the TAL Bassline Plugin and to play around and automate Cutoff, resonance, Noise, Envelope aso aso, so it would teach me the ability to manipulate and automate the sounds a great deal.
I think it would be a huge leap if I got that right, but Reaper's complexity seems to put obstacles in my way. For example I got to "write" different envelopes into the Bassline I recorded, but I had to put it on "read/trim" to make them playback. Unfortunately I didn't manage to record the beat with its different scenes so I have the same beat over the whole song.

Would anybody care to clarify what is necessary to get a beat with multiple scenes as well as a bassline with multiple scenes and then write the above mentioned envelopes to make the sound change and record all this and render it to one audio file? It seems I might as well try some more, but I feel it might be pretty time consuming, also I can't help but think there must be an easier way to do this and maybe I keep overlooking something. Some help would be very much appreciated.
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Not sure how much this will help as my work flow is different, so it's not a direct answer to your questions, but here's what I do anyway: I use the piano roll for everything VSTi.

I create stuff "live" using my keyboard controller and turn those into midi item. This lets me extend loops as I like, copy/paste and modify, etc. Then I arrange them how I like, and add in automation.

There's probably a better way but this works for me.

TAL Bassline is great though. Slap on some distortion and delay and you can get some pretty decent squelchy noise out of it.
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