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J Guitar
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Default Takes and lanes troubles / all items playing

Have one track armed to record , which is a child track going to a parent; I recorded four separate takes and they appear on four lanes when the track is expanded. I like this so far.

However on playback, they all play and I can’t select any single item to pick the best one. I don’t want to layer/hear all takes, just choose one of the four.

Things I’ve tried: I don’t have play all takes on; it wont let me crop a lane to active take (though I wouldn’t want that anyway when demoing items)

Lastly I’ve used a workaround by having the mute button physically on each item, but that's a lot of clicking. Maybe I’ll try to make toggle mute a quick key tonight. It’d be nice to just click an item among the lanes and have that play, automatically muting other lanes in the track.


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You don't perchance have free item positioning enabled for the track, do you? If so, switch it off.

Then select the items and implode across single track into takes.
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