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Default Connecting rackmount synths - problem with playback

Hi. My set up is Windows 8.1, using Roland FA07 as master connected by usb midi to PC. Now connecting up with a Roland Fantom XR.

I have tried with usb midi and with standard midi cables and both together for luck! I can transmit fine to the XR but it does not respond when I play back my tracks. I was hoping that with both midi in/out connected to the XR from the FA07 that this would work but it doesn't. I cant find a usb driver for the XR which is probably part of the problem BUT shouldn't it work with 2 midi cables? I should add that the FA07 doesn't have a midi thru which could have been good.

Really enjoying using Reaper - so much better than the onboard sequencer on the FA07. However the FA7 sequencer works fine with the Fantom XR connected by midi cable or USB midi.

So any help connecting hardware synths would be appreciated. Maybe a sipario midi router would help?

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If I understand correctly what you need is the midi thru on the fa connected to the midi in on the xr. Then in reaper make sure you have midi monitoring on the track you're using.

Just saw the sentence about no midi thru. See if there is an option to turn the out on the fa into a thru.
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you have set up a hardware MIDI send from the relevant tracks in Reaper?
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Hi Ralph,
it seems that the problem boils down to figure out if FA-07 can forward MIDI messages from USB to its MIDI out port. You likely need to figure this out on user forums or in owners manual.

If not, you could use separate USB-MIDI interface to connect FA-07 to computer and separately connect Fantom XR to computer and let REAPER do the routing.

I am using similar setup to run Yamaha MOXF, Roland Integra and Korg TR-Rack.

In REAPER, one can set up a track that will receive MIDI events from one device and will send it to another device (optionally map then to specified channel).

REAPER MIDI Setup Quick Guide (I don't have REAPER opened, however it is very close to texts there):

In order to receive or send to MIDI devices, they first need to be enabled in REAPER settings -> MIDI Devices.

Then, a track can be added. Right click record button, then select Record -> MIDI -> device (FA-07) -> All Channels.
Arm this track.
Enable Input Monitoring on that track.

When you now press keys on FA-07 you should see activity displayed in the track meter. Nothing is forwarded yet.

Then, show routing settings for that track. Set Hardware output to device that will receive the notes (Fantom XR) and optionally select channel to send to (all forwarded events will have this channel).

This will be sufficient to forward MIDI messages between devices. If nothing is received on target (Fantom XR), check that MIDI receive channel is correctly set and in case its MIDI input is switchable from USB to MIDI ports, check that setting as well. To verify REAPER routing, use application like MIDI Monitor on Mac or MidiOX on Windows to check incoming and outgoing messages.

In order to hear sound from them, add another track, select sound input, arm it and set input monitoring to on.

Wish you best of luck.
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Hi Ralph,
Pages 101/102 in the FA7 Manual : How to change Midi Out to Midi Thru.
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Nice one sisaso....I thought so.
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