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Default Midi note won't turn off

Hi! I have a problem that's really bothering me.

Quite often when I use East West Strings(or sometimes brass as well) a midi note will get stuck even when the project is paused or stopped. The only solution to kill the midi note is to turn on my keyboard and press down the sustain pedal(and let it go up again, of course). I use reacontrolMIDI, and the notes off button doesn't fix it either. I tried putting in a midi CC that says the sustain pedal is up as well, but it still get's stuck and I have to move the play cursor to the item where that CC input is to kill the note.

This is really annoying and I'm not sure if it happens with other VST's as well, or if it is something that occurs with the East West Play Engine in other DAWs.

Is there anyone here who knows how to fix this or at least knows what causes it?
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I've had that happen with SampleTank sounds, and with Pianoteq. It took me quite some time to figure out that it was happening when I used 32 bit instruments in 64 bit Reaper.

I didn't have this problem hardly at all when everything was 32 bit. Once I upgraded all of my instruments to 64 bit the problem disappeared completely.
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Might be a bit late, but I think this has to do with east west and their play engine. I've searched through the forums of east west/soundsonline and it seems this problem has persisted over ten years without a fix..
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