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Default BFD3 and Reaper - output to mulitple tracks

I know there are videos and tutorials, but rather than wading through it I just want to send by kick and snare onto separate tracks. Just two separate live tracks. Can you someone just give me the quick rundown on how to do this?

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I don't know if there are tutorials but is pretty easy if you are familiar with BFD output assignment.
You just load a kit, make sure you're viewing the mixer, than select a channel in the mixer itself (eg: Kick in) and choose an output from the list available by clicking where usually says "master".
You'll going to use MONO ouput for close mics and Stereo channels for Rooms, OH, grouped cymbals...
Do this for every channel you want to split and send to a separate track.
Please note that you can GROUP elements by sending them to the same channel.
Some channels are already grouped inside of BFD: Kick in and kick out are grouped into a folder, if you don't need them separately you can send the folder to, for example, mono channel 1.
The AMBIENCE folder goes for the same concept... if you want all the rooms and overhead grouped, you just send the entire folder to a stereo output, if you want to have them separated you open the folder and send each individual track to a stereo output.

Now comes the "reaper side" of the story, which is the esiest one:
Just open your FX Chain where BFD is loaded, right click on BFD, in the drop down menù select "Build multichannel output routing for selected FX".

Done! after doing this everything should work and you need only to rename somenthing, reorder some tracks and delete the ones your're not going to use.

Since the BFD side of things is a bit long to do every time, i suggest to create a track template, so you just load the template and everything is up and running without any effort.

i hope i helped a bit
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