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Default Mouse Modifier Arrange Middle Click: don't move edit cursor unless explicitly stated

I'm trying to make a script that resets the item's start offset and rate, keeping edit cursor at the same exact position in the source media.

This requires calculating the cursor's position inside the item when then script executes and then moving it after rate/offset has been reset. The problem is that the Middle Click context also moves the edit cursor away from the original position before executing the script, so the calculated new position will be wrong.

In my opinion the Middle Click action shouldn't move the cursor by default. There is even a Behavior that explicitly states "Move edit cursor ignoring snap", that can be used if that's the desired outcome. Custom actions and scripts can be used to move the mouse cursor if desired, but AFAIK it's not possible to use them to prevent it from moving?

Also, the other default Middle Click Behaviors like "Restore previous zoom level" should not change edit cursor position either in my opinion.

EDIT: tried to use "SWS: Undo edit cursor move" but that didn't reset the position correctly after the click.

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