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Default Can you introduce gradual tempo changes in Reaper?

Hi,I am trying to bring some tempo changes (nothing too drastic, like 2bpm down for verses 2 up for chorus) to a song strictly recorded to click. I know this was done quite often with the tape machines, and I am familiar with the method behind it. I've heard many times that this was still being done in modern recordings, and I remember asking this here and getting confirmations. That said, I'm unable to achieve a true gradual change in Reaper and wondering what I'm doing wrong or if it's even possible. While tempo envelope offers a similar function and you can draw linear slopes, it is not quite gradual as I found it modifies the audio in the section as a whole to fit the new tempo map. So let's say you want bars 1-40 at 120bpm, then gradually increase it to reach 125bpm at bar 50. what Reaper does is to calculate the new tempo map and fit the section accordingly. While the new tempo map indeed represents a gradual increase (so that beats come in slightly earlier), the audio itself is sped up to a constant tempo, rather than speeding up gradually. What works better is the play rate envelope, yet it isn't precise enough as changes are introduced at steps of 0.01. This is confusing for me since you can set the playback rate in item properties and on the transport much more precisely. I can slice the audio and set the play rate that way, but that's just too time consuming. Does the envelope actually goes through the smaller points, but rounds the values when drawing? If that's the case, what would be the best algorithm settings to use ?

Do you know any better methods to achieve gradual changes, any plug-ins or audio editors, preferably at low or no cost? I also have lite versions of Ableton and Cubase, possibly can access to Logic and Pro Tools if needed.

btw I'm still using 5.90, will update when I finish this project. Do newer versions improve this?

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