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Default Reaper 64 EZdrummer 32

Hi Fellow Reaper-ites,
I am very new to all of this, so thank you for your patience

So, I have finally got Ez drummer Plug in to be recognised by Reaper...Yay!

I am using Reaper V 5.974\x64 and EZdrummer plug in will only seem to load the 32 bit version, when in fact I un-installed the 32 Ezdrummer and re-installed only the 64 verion, but in Reaper it's still picking up the 32 Ezdrummer, which is wierd.

Does this matter for me down the track for when I record, mix down, master etc? i.e. does it make any difference that Reaper is 64 and EZ is 32?
Only, I notice on my test scratch projects, that there is a lot of interference, some popping, some clicking noises when I copy & past my EZdrummer song into tracks into Reaper.
Would this just purely be a result of 'clipping?' rather that Reaper 64 versus Ezdrummer 32 issues if any?
Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.
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Do you have your 32 bits and 64 bits plugin in the same folder?
This could cause an issue.

Also make sure you created 2 separate folders for both of these. And an extra folder for vst3. In preference-vst you can choose those folders.

When installing the 64bit ezdrummer make sure the right dll is in the right folder. It seems Reaper has not been pointed to the right folder with 64bit dll into it. By default, Toontrack puts it somewhere on the C drive you have to change that upon install so it goes into the 64 bit folder you have created and pointed Reaper to.
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