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Default I would like some routing help with a live FX set up I use

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to producing and sound design, but I've been a musician for much longer, so my workflow is essentially using controllers to play sounds live into Reaper as I record.

I have a template and it involves using a mix of Reaktor and Guitar Rig 5 as a live FX unit, sometimes I want to apply it to the drums, other times the pads, and so on.

My goal is to have this set up (I whipped up a picture for a better visual reference), so that it goes something like this:

Instrument / VST > PAN RIGHT > Rearoute 1/2 > FX input (Folder track) > send channel 1 > Track 01

Instrument / VST > PAN LEFT > Rearoute 1/2 > NO FX (Folder track) > send channel 2 > Track 01

Then this will apply across 8 different tracks / audio streams

The plus sides of this is that a single FX unit can be applied to multiple tracks thus freeing up the CPU and being ready to go on start up.

I'm happy that I managed to get this to work, but there has been some downsides, namely the FX plugins seem to be picking up some faint audio even when I have panned hard left, there's no audio signal going in yet the bitcrusher effect is giving off a buzz. I'm also struggling with levels, it seems I'm stacking all these tracks and it's making all the audio loud and distorted or degraded slightly.

I am thinking maybe I have gone about this in an overly complicated way, I am used to routing analogue pedalboards, so I have taken that mindset with me into Reaper, but perhaps there's a more efficient digital way to do this? Any thoughts and advice welcome.
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Reaper routing is very flexible and decently described in the User guide.

There also is "Pin Routing" to do routing between multiple VSTs within a single track FX-Chain (also decently described in the User guide).

You might want to mute some tracks that are not used in certain situations to save CPU performance.

On top of that you might want to use "SWS LiveConfigs" to quickly swich between multiple multi-VST / multi-track setups. If you need this, I did an improved version of the LivConfigs User Guide (ti get it, do ask or search the forum).-

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