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Default "Open" theme development?

I'll admit, I'm aesthetically challenged so I rely on you guys to supply the themes for me. And they're like crack. When you get one nice-looking one, you want more, More MORE!

Unfortunately, the availability of themes is not in keeping with Reaper's rapid-update cycle. It seems that they take a long time to make, and one developer per theme slows the process and puts a lot of focus on that one person.

I'm wondering if there's some sort of way to efficiently collaborate on making themes so if one person can't devote the time or energy, others can. Some sort of forking mechanism would be essential so anybody can take a theme in any direction they choose.

This sound suspiciously like Sourceforge. Hmmmmm.......
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IMO it's not that it takes a long time to make a theme, i think it's more to do with interest from talented graphic designers.

It's somewhat limiting what can be done right now, and with the default theme being good/average there isn't alot of incentive for those people to really make better ones. It isn't like winamp, which invites much more artistic freedom.

In any case, what is so inefficient with someone posting a theme and other tweaking from there? I thought it was a no-brainer, and you see all sorts of spin-offs and contributions. How do you imagine it being "better" somehow? SVN?
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