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Default Any way to assign Reaper action to enabling/disabling a midi controller?

Like, outside of Preferences? Is there a macro or shortcut (or icon I can add to a custom menu) that enables/disables a midi controller on the fly?

Love my Arturia SparkLE... but, the nature of the software disallows for MIDI input or Control message input, so the plugin works. Switching to its MIDI mode, I have to go into Preferences and manually enable the input and control messages... and I have to ensure the plugin is not in the Reaper project (or I have to manually disconnect the controller from the plugin... thus, adding an extra step. Either way I have to go into Preferences.

It's a dope little controller for Reaper... clicky jog wheel, another clicky button, tons of buttons for Reaper functions... it's just not quickly swappable, if you have the Spark 2 plugin running.

If there's a workaround for being able to disconnect/connect a midi controller without going into Preferences (like a quick click) that would be awesome. Thank you for any help!
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