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Unhappy New to Reaper and Midi, with questions on edrums

Hello all,
First off let me describe my gear, Win 10, Computer is quad core 3Ghz something, 32Gb Ram, M.2 SSD cards and tons of SSD for hard drive. Focusrite Scarlet 18i20, and Alesis Nitro Mesh head. Although I planned on in-puting my drummer on a set of Rogers via mics, he's just too crazy about e-drums in general. However, I don't know the first thing as to how to go about doing it. The Focusrite allows for midi-in and out, as does the Alesis. And I've read enough on this site to realize it is totally do-able with Reaper... but I'm not sure as to what extent it can be done simply, so that each e-drum can be ported out to a separate track. I will not have to worry too much about end sound mixing etc. for a ruddy good mate of mine is an actual sound recording engineer, who works with top notch people. However, I do not want to bough him down, in him having to teach me every little detail involved with pulling this task off. What I'm looking for is an equivalent of "e-drums via midi in Reaper... for dummies" Is there a text out there that can take someone like me... a complete illiterate in DAW, midi e-drums, and Reaper... and in a few night's read put me on the path of being intelligent enough about the subject, that I'll be able to pick up the rest from the posts online in this site? I'm not saying I'm totally technically illiterate, I did after all build this nano computer, and I've programed 2D games in visual basic and C++ ...but then again that was 20 years ago..wow...yeah it really was 20 years ago...boy I'm getting old. So if anyone knows of such a tutorial/text that may be Alesis, Reaper and focusrite specific... please point the way.

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I don't know of such a tutorial. I guess you've found this already https://www.alesisdrummer.com/index.php?topic=7670.0

I can't imagine it's going to be terribly hard:

Plug the thing into your computer.
In Reaper, select / enable the thing as a midi device (this will be covered in the Reaper Manual)
Make a new track in Reaper, configuring it to record from the appropriate MIDI input.

Then record.

When you playback you'll need something to turn the recorded MIDI back to drum sounds - I suppose you could route back out to your thing, but it's probably more useful to have some kind of Drum VSTi on the track.

If you get this far, you may have some further specific questions, which I'm sure the helpful folks here will be happy to help with.
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