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Default ALL WALTER & Theming updates SINCE V5 !!

Below is a list of all the items, (fixes & changes) (Ver. 5 - Present) that effect WALTER & theming. (Compiled from

I wanted to make a thread where users could come and see the newest capabilities and ask questions and get advice and examples
but I realized this was defeating the mechanism of the forum, wholly, and so I have omitted the bulk of my first post, and instead,
simply included the list, and I will continue to update the list with WALTER & Theming related updates as they become available.
At least this way, themers can see all the newest stuff, and the associated threads, and then pose their own queries to the forum.


Update: While here today I saw a few things that were of
possible value to themers since they concern the UI.
I figured, as WALTER and theming grows, a resourceful themer
might possibly utilize even the most trivial, seemingly harmless,
unexploited feature to drop the next game changing hack on us...

-Started a new category, 'UI/NT' (User Interface/Not Themeable)

-Began retroactive addition of 'UI/NT' changes that were previously
not included

-Added changes for V5.979


UI/NT: store item and track-specific docker preferences with the project, not globally


Theme: fix grid line draw mode loading/saving on macOS/Linux

HiDPI: improve macOS retina extended mixer size handling
MCP: improve mixer send knob sizing
WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for envcp
WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for tcp/master.tcp
WALTER: support layout_dpi_translate with scale 1.0 for hidden alias layouts

WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for transport

WALTER: add additional 8 font slots
WALTER: add support for rtconfig layout_dpi_translate 'source layout' dpi_scale 'destination layout', to be implemented
WALTER: layout_dpi_translate implemented for mcp/master.mcp

Theming: add new HSV blend mode with bugfixes, old behavior is now deprecated HSV adjust blend mode

V5.975|4/2019; Added 7/2019
UI/NT: improve mute/solo swipe behavior when there are hidden grouped tracks .
UI/NT: improve multimonitor tooltip behavior
UI/NT: improve take envelope button drag/click behaviors[/color]

Theming: add [track|mcp]_recarm_[auto_]norec images
Theming: add color blend/alpha for grid lines, MIDI editor grid lines
Theming: add color configuration for CC lane add/remove buttons
Theming: add color configuration item for MIDI piano pane background
Theming: add theme items for MIDI editor CC horizontal lines
Theming: improve text contrast colors
Theming: support complex rules for mcp.size and mcp.master.size
Theming: obey meter text colors alpha field (0-255) if theme version is 6 or higher
Trans/Theming: auto-arrange rate label/field if less than 2:1 aspect ratio

UI/NT: fix retina vs HiDPI inconcistency relating to label margins

WALTER: fix HiDPI extended mixer mode setting [p=2075538]

Theme loading: fix toolbar button background preview for zipped themes [p=1799518]
Theme loading: increase maximum zipped file count from 2048 to 8192 [p=1919416]

Theme: fix incorrect separators with grouped tracks [p=1874859]

Theming: support item_*_hidpi.png on Windows/HiDPI themes
Theming: use common dialog font for various elements in envelope, send windows
Theming: allow themes to override global UI scaling using rtconfig.txt global_scale line
Theming: better logic for knob large/small background selection

Theme: draw overlay images for folder buttons in mixer

Theme: add latch preview toolbar icon, update other automation mode toolbar icons
Theme: allow WALTER layouts to position overlapping track index and bus-related buttons, if they desire

Theme: add track_env_preview, mcp_env_preview, gen_env_preview, global_preview images
Theme: fix OSX classic theme image fallbacks

Theme: add new master track layouts [p=1671397]

Themes: improve mixer display of tracks in folders with some themes [t=172972]
Default theme: extra fancy new theme
Default theme: many layout choices for different uses (small, large, meters, live recording, media, item)
Default theme: better track panel and item tinting appearance
Theming: added theme tweak window (and removed outdated preferences pane)
Theming: improved theme color tinting support (requires 'version 5' in rtconfig, themes can override tint/peaks preferences via rtconfig 'tinttcp' and 'peaksedges')
Theming: scrollbar_2 and scrollbar_3 images can override scrollbar images for arrange and MIDI editor respectively

I hope this is a help to those who are tired of looking in so many different places.

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