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Default Multichannel tools... too.


Since this forum is not limited (I hope) to ambisonics, here is a list of multichannel tools that can work inside or together with Reaper.
Most of them are devoted to the classical surround spatial formats (including Auro-3D), but there is also a number that can work with any speaker system up to 64 channels.

Multichannel plugins :

Acon Digital : Restoration Suite, reverberation and various effects, 8 channels

Acousmodules : panners, effects, instruments and utilities, up to 64 channels

Anymix : panner 7.1

AudioEase Altiverb : convolution up to 7.1
Indoor : 3D convolution, up to 9.1 (and 3rd order ambisonics)

Auro-3D : panners up to 13.1

Doppler and Air : up to 9.1 (and 3rd order ambisonics)

Elastic Pitch : 8 channels

Exponential Audio : reverberations, up to 9.1

Flux Mastering Pack :

GRM-Tools :
SpaceMaster and SpaceVR (free)
Spaces various effects
INA-GRM Spaces3D, SpaceFilter and SpaceGrain : up to 64 channels

MCFX : Delay, Filters, up to 64 channels

Melda-Productions : various effects and utilities, 8 channels

PaulStretch 3 VST : 8 channels

SIR StandardEQ : 8 channels EQ
Butterfly : 16 channels convolution

SpatGris : 16 channels 2D panner

SoundStage :

Spaces : 2D panner up to 64 channels

Spatial Audio Designer : panner, up to 22.2

Unveil : de-reverberation, 8 channels

U-He Uhbik : various effects, 8 channels

Virsyn : Reflect 12 channels reverberation, Prism 6 channels pitch shifter

Voxengo : various effects, 8 channels
PristineSpace, 8 channels convolution

Zephyr : 16 channels reverberation (and 3rd order ambisonics)

Standalone :

Flux Spat Revolution : panner and reverberation up to 64 channels (and 7th order ambisonics)

Hourglass : granular processing, up to 64 channels

IRCAM Panoramix : panner and reverberation up to 64 channels (and 7th order ambisonics)

Mammut : spectral processing

PaulStretch 3 : up to 32 channels

ServerGris : panner up to 128 channels

SoundGrain : granular processing, 16 channels ?

SoundParticles : up to 32 channels (and 3rd order ambisonics)

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