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Default Arrange View: Select items without moving edit cursor

As of right now, I can click in the ruler to move the edit cursor as well as click below in the arrange view to move it. If I press Alt+click items below the ruler, I can select them without moving the cursor. Is there a way to swap this behavior? I would like to single click on items to select without moving the cursor, and alt+click to move the cursor if I for whatever reason don't want to use the ruler, which is almost always because it takes just a bit more time to "zone in" on the ruler than just a wild click out in the open arrange view.
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You can change this in Preferences > Mouse Modifiers:

[Media Item] [left click]
- Default Behavior: Select Item
- Alt: Select item and move edit cursor

As a general side note: there's also [Media Item Bottom Half] [left click], so you can set up different Mouse Modifiers for clicking on the top or lower half of a Media Item.
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Right drag ('marquee select') would be another alternative for item selection (or other stuff like envelope points).
(Just in case you're unaware of this...)
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I've got these two actions tied to an icon in my main toolbar. It helps a lot, depending on what I'm doing.

Set default mouse modifier action for "Media item left click" to "Select item"

Set default mouse modifier action for "Media item left click" to "Select item and move edit cursor" (factory default)
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mouse modifier prefs> set left click on item to "select item" instead of "select item and move edit cursor."
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