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Default BFD3 - Reaper crashes when I load a processed sample in BFD3

Hi there, I'm using BFD3 in Reaper v5.9 with windows 10, 16GB of ram. When I load a processed sample in BFD, reaper crashes. Unprocessed samples work fine. I'm unsure if this is a bug, or what the issue is but I'm hoping someone else has this issue and found a workaround.

The standalone works fine. I'm able to load the processed samples without it crashing.

Anyone know why this might be happening in reaper? I've posted this is the BFD forums but haven't had a response for 2 days now
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You may not be getting help because it's not clear to others what exactly is wrong.

What is a processed sample versus an unprocessed sample? Are you talking about kit pieces? Or actually loading up custom .wav files? And if the latter, what's a "Processed Sample" mean in that context?

What version of BFD3 are you running? What plugin format and Operating System? If you run the latest Reaper, does it work?

Drew from the BFD team is a Reaper user, as am I. I'm not getting crashes with BFD3, but I may not be using the same version of BFD3 or trying to do the same thing you're doing.
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Plus it was the weekend, gotta wait for the BFD staff to get back to the office
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