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Default Certain plugins are crashing Reaper

I'm hoping somebody can help me fix a problem, as I am truely out of ideas...

I have an issue with Reaper where certain plugins will just crash. The problem plugins are currently anything Melda, Altiverb and Vital.

The crash happens when trying to first load them in. The GUI of the plugins either doesn't load properly, or doesn't load at all and then the program crashes.

I've scanned the forum and tried the "Run As" option etc, but have had no joy. I've also tried multiple versions of both Reaper and the plugins to see if I can get it working with no luck. All PC and GPU drivers are up to date etc. (Even tried older GPU drivers)

Its strange because the plugins work in SoundForge and Soundminer just fine. However, in Reaper and iZotope RX, they crash.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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You need to supply a crash log for anyone to be able to help you. Just saying "it crashes in Reaper" is not enough information. You don't even tell us if you're on Windows or Mac (or Linux, but in that case you would have told us).

Please see here for how to get crash logs https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=36653
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