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Default Time Stretch Markers: Slope help

I'm basically trying to figure out a simpler and efficient way to create a tapestop effect. Very much like the one found in Logic. Using a fade but with speed instead of volume. I've already tried a Pitch Envelope and I like that version but it has a different sound and I would like to add this one to my arsenal as well but need help with options as I'm having a difficult time looking for the correct one.

Example 1:

I'd like to unlink the right ending marker to 0 and leave the left marker in place at 1.0 and keep it all within the time selection. Is this possible?

Example 2:

I need it to do this but constrain itself within my time selection and not push the track ahead.

I thought about making a custom action that would slice the end part and then I could stretch it back in place but I would think there is an easier way that I can't figure out. Hoping this is a possibility.
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I'm not quite sure if I got that right, but to me it seems you cannot really do it like that. The stretch marker at the end will affect the rest of the item as well, that's how they work. Like you envisioned, you'd have to make a split after the stretch marker, so that the later item stays where it is.
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I figured as much, Thanks!
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