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Default Scrubbing and Outputting LTC/MTC- editing on external devices

Hi All,

Iíve recently begun converting to Reaper as for my needs it seems to have the best flexibility. A couple of tips may be in order to achieve what iím Looking to do. Sorry if this is a bit confusing.

Iím using wanting to use Reaper as a LTC and MTC master audio playback device of live performances to program video looks on my media server and lighting console of choice. Currently testing in the studio on some old projects, but if all is possible will move it to my touring setup.

Project Laid out below (quite simple)

Track 1-Wave files of artist live recording have been imported and sent to BWF timestamps, generated from playback operator.
Track 2-reapers LTC generator along entire length of project, routed via virtual cable to media server
Track 3- reapers MTC generator same as above, via BOME network to lighting console.

Timecode is going everywhere and devices are in sync, during playback, so thatís a tick.

Is it possible to scrub along the timeline and have the following;

-Disable audible output of the TC, when jogging or scrubbing? (routing has been changed to turn off master send and currently not audible during playback) Iím sure itís a simple setting iím missing in reaper.

- Can Timecode still being output when scrubbing? Ultimate aim is to check frame accurate offsets, if they are out, or adding updated cues at the correct frame. Currently, my best guess is, I think slowing down/ scrubbing is effecting the pitch of the TC generator tracks, and possibly causing the devices to find the incoming TC unintelligible.

Thanks guys, looking forward to your responses.
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