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Default REAPER can't save projects in Google Drive File Stream

I use Google Drive File Stream to sync Reaper project files between multiple work and personal computers. One of these computers is having a weird problem. When I try to save a project in Reaper, it says "Error writing to project file. Disk full?" Neither the local hard drive nor the Google Drive are full. This is a windows computer, and I am not having the problem on any other windows or mac computer. Other types of files, such as Word documents, can save into the Google drive folder no problem. Reaper can save projects to other locations outside of the Google Drive folder. Reaper version 5.978. Any ideas?
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I use Google drive to back up my Reaper stuff and I don't have any issues. I don't trust any kind of syncing though, I just go the drive website in a browser and upload any new work manually after I put it on an external backup drive.

I used the google drive sync software years ago and it gave my machine all kinds of problems, I was a lot less tech savvy back then though.
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