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Default Possible to render individual files from multitrack channels, in 1 pass?

I'm interested in learning if it is possible to render individual tracks from multitrack channels.

For example:

I have 8 stereo audio tracks in Reaper. These 8 tracks are child tracks, under 1 parent track. These 8 child tracks do not have "Parent send" enabled, so each child uses a custom send to the parent track. (all 8 child tracks goes through the parent track).

The parent track, is set to "track channels 1-16". So each child track under the parent sends its audio to a unique internal stream ID of the parent track. Like this:

Child track 1 sends its audio to parent track 1/2
Child track 2 sends its audio to parent track 3/4
Child track 3 sends its audio to parent track 5/6
etc etc .. all up to 15/16.

I want to know if it is possible for me to render each stereo pair (1/2 or 3/4 or 5/6) out of the 'parent track', to be saved to disk as an individual stereo track?
In other words, stream 1/2 through the 'parent track' would become one individual stereo file on disk, and stream 3/4 would become a different individual stereo file, etc all up to 15/16.

.. and of course I'd like this to happen in 1 rendering pass. Not to render 8 times and manually change settings for each pass. Otherwise it'd be better to just export the 8 child tracks directly.

Question is, is this possible?
It doesn't seem possible to me at this point, but I may be missing something. Reaper is packed with options.

If it's not possible 'by default', where could you advice me to start looking for an 'advanced solution'?

Thanks for any ideas

PS. I realize you might ask "Why not just render each stereo child to file and be done with it?". That'd be a valid point. But this rendering idea I got is investigation, plans for advanced template use. Professor shit . So that's why. DS.
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Just route the channels in question to new tracks. Select the new tracks and choose 'stems (selected tracks)' in the render window.

If you need to feed individual mono files from a surround mix to another app for example. You can still keep your multichannel bus to render from and just add tracks for the individual channels. Route from your multichannel bus to the separate tracks. You don't need to bother routing the individual channel tracks to an output.
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