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Default [IDE] Highlight all native lua modules

Lua lets you overwrite its modules.

"reaper" is highlighted, so you know if you are overwriting it or not. For example, this:
reaper = nil
Would remove all the reaper API from the script! By having it highlighted in the IDE (as it now is), you know it when doing it, so that you don't do it accidentally/unintentionally.

On the other hand, the methods of the lua modules are always highlighted no matter if you have overwritten them or not (which is good) *but* the modules' names are not highlighted! So you may accidentally overwrite them (by giving a value to the variables "table", "string", "debug" etc) and then wonder why their methods do not work..

For example:
table = {1,2,3,4,5}
a = table.concat(table)
Table.concat no longer exists, but since "table" is not highlighted like "reaper" is, I didn't understood that I overwrote it unintentionally.
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+1 from me
Originally Posted by Sexan View Post
Make a thread "F%#! you Reaper! I quit!" to get more views and feedback since these kind of threads get much more traction
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Yes, I totally agree.
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