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Default Auto Save

I am a bit confused by the Auto-Save options.

Is there a way to Auto-Save while in the middle of an on-going recording? I liken this to running Pro Tools as a recorder on a Mac and hitting "command-s" on the fly to save a complete file of what's currently been recorded.

I am using Reaper as a backup recorder for classical music material and sometimes, I don't stop the recorders for a long time. I think I have Reaper set to backup on record stop but I would love regular unattended backup WHILE the recording is in progress. Is that possible?

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Reaper already does this with the audio files and it's separate from auto backup (which backs up the project file). When recording, every buffer-full (block) of audio data written to the hard drive includes an End Of File mark. That means if the power suddenly cuts off, the recording is intact right up to the cut point and the file is valid with an EOF mark. The header of the wav files will not include a valid length but Reaper lets you load the files and reads them correctly anyway and you can render to as new file.

Auto backup pertains to the project file (.rpp). You can set the preference to auto save during recording if you wish.
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